Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Black, grey and pink

Hello, sugar lumps!

Have been so busy the last year. Had no time for anything, just running after my two cheeky monkeys . Whoever said having two kids one after another is easy was clearly a friking liar! So for a little while I was stuck in my onesies and comfy, but crapy looking stuff... One day I woke up and decided: ENOUGH!!! I'm still young (not that you can say looking at my bag under the eyes - that's why I cropped my head of... I dont want you to have nightmares. I know, I'm just to good to be true. They are keeping me place in heaven!) and I should look a part - Victoria Beckham does it without fail, so why I can't? :) 

So I'm back! 
Fresh start. 
Deleted all my old post.

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 My weekend outfit for a lovely walk with family

Black shirt (worn under, so looks like a skirt) - H&M
Grey sweater - H&M
Black leather jacket - cop.copine
Black biker shoes - George at Asda
Leather bag (just seen) - zara
Pink scarf and bracelet - local shop